Investor mode allows you to access our robots, just like it would be with your own trading account. Your are free to browse around and get familiar with our robots and trading terminal. You can see all our Live trades and check our historical trades.

Don't worry, Live trading is not allowed in Investor mode, so you will not be able to open or close any trades.


Once you log into our server, you’ll see eight charts that are preset with our robots:

  • 5 White Daily charts for EURUSD,GBPUSD,USDJPY,AUDUSD,XAUUSD is for Satoshi EA
  • 2 Grey Weekly charts for GBPAUD,EURAUD is for Gunner EA
  • 1 Black 1 min. EURUSD chart is for Fey EA

On the bottom of you screen you have terminal window. Here you can see current Live trades. To see historical trades - choose Account History tab.
To see all the account history - Right click anywhere in Account history window and select ALL history.

Don’t worry if you don’t see any Live trades. Unlike the majority of robots, our robots don’t make trades all the time. That’s because our robots are closely aligned with manual trading systems. We don’t use grid, martingale or other high-risk strategies.

The approach lets us control the risk, ensuring consistent profits over months and years. We average one trade per day, although it’s not uncommon for no trades to be made in a complete week. It’s all dependent upon the market. For us, less is definitely more.


If you like what you see, try our robots 30-Days for Free on your own account.