Money management is a critical part of our trading systems. In fact, this is one topic you should really understand if you’re going to invest in our trading robots. There’s no "holy grail" in trading, and there is the possibility of losing trades. Period.
Therefore, you must prepare yourself for this. All of our trades have a predefined STOP LOSS price that will kick in automatically if the trade doesn’t work like it was projected to.
Our robots calculate these Stop Loss levels automatically – the only thing you’ll need to do is set the risk per trade based upon your risk tolerance:

  •     Conservative: 0.5% per trade. (Max Drawdown expected: 5%)
  •     Average: 1% per trade. (Max Drawdown expected: 10%)
  •     Aggressive 2% per trade. (Max Drawdown expected: 20%)

If you get this part right, you’ll be one step ahead of other beginner traders. With the correct money management system, you’ll be able to survive drawdowns and raise again – this is how winning is done. No one will tell you this if you’re a beginner.



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