By Ivo Luhse, 'Robot Trader' & Founder of Evestin Forex

By Ivo Luhse, 'Robot Trader' & Founder of Evestin Forex

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Visualisation helps us to achieve goals

Escaping the workday routine, getting out of a rat race and achieving financial goals is every independent trader's dream. Here, we look at how to apply the powerful law of attraction to work towards life goals, especially in terms of visualising Forex trading success and performing daily affirmations to make progress towards those long-term objectives.

How to harness positive attraction

Successful people including entrepreneurs, sportspersons and traders who follow the law of attraction believe that everyone can attract what they want into their lives – including passive income and wealth – by focussing on it. In life, we receive what we ask for. By using the power of attraction and setting our minds on success, we can attract it over time as our thoughts turn into things. Concentrating on the positive helps considerably – especially when combined with meditation, visualisation and action. Conversely, pessimistic approaches and negative ways of thinking sometimes lead to downward spirals, or at best to overshadowing clouds of doom, gloom and negativity.

What the law of attraction tells us

Although puzzling to some people, it is perhaps the very mysteriousness of the law of attraction that causes so few of us to be aware of how much it can make an impact on our wealth. Its devotees, on the other hand, understand that our human personas transmit and receive emotions, thoughts and energy – both positive and negative. The cumulative effects of these will govern what we receive and, consequently, our prosperity. This hidden potential to create our future or build passive income is not a new principle; Buddha taught that in life, we become what we have thought. The principles of Karma also embody this way of thinking, based on the cycle of cause and effect. Popular as a belief in various societies and at almost every level, Karma holds that what we give out to the world probably returns to us eventually, as part of a full circle. In other words, sooner or later, we reap what we sow.

Why affirmations are important

Writing down our goals at the outset is important, but repeating them to ourselves every day is a key part of achieving them. Regular affirmations propel us in the direction of our life goals, whereas visualising the result(s) of our efforts helps to strengthen motivation, deal with stress, keep us on track and build confidence. To these ends, dream boards or even simple pictures on our trading desk help maintain motivation and focus. Regularly repeating your goals and affirmations every morning and every evening will create a permanent switch in your mind and make your goals a reality.

Here are few sample daily affirmations for Forex trader to be repeated every day: 

  • I'm a consistent winner!
  • I follow my trading plan!
  • I will have an amazing profitable trade today (visualize what you expect the market to do) 
  • I will have very productive day today
  • I will make xxx $ this year
  • I will quit my job and be a full-time trader
  • I will workout today and eat healthily  

Write don't your own affirmations and keep them on your trading desk. Repeat them every day,

Ivo forex trader

What will happen

Meditation releases negative energy and helps to maintain focus on our goals, as does keeping a gratitude journal of our achievements and making it a habit. Taking regular concrete steps towards our goals is important, along with stepping outside our comfort zone to achieve positive results. Every new decision takes us on a certain path and builds confidence.  Finally, apart from improving our health and self-confidence, we can use the power of attraction to move away from rat race towards harnessing financially productive habits, using visualisation techniques and removing negative blocks from our thinking. Success and abundance will follow.

As New Year approaches, this is an ideal time to write down new goals for 2018 and visualise them, regularly. We wish you happiness, prosperity and wealth in Forex trading over the coming year.

Resources: Law of Attraction by Jack Canfield