By Ed Gould

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Trading the markets using trading bots may seem like it is something out of the future but the artificial intelligence (AI) of the newly developed DARA trading advisor will pit humans vs machines this October in Dublin. The capital will see its first ever algorithmic trading event on 24th October at the Shelbourne Hotel. The event's organisers have designed it so that both traders and programmers can learn about the latest advances in AI and financial market trading and to really test just how humans vs machines bear up under pressure. 

In a first-of-its-kind event, the Decision-Aiding-Robo-Advisor – otherwise known as DARA – will provide all the information needed for traders to make better-informed decisions about which investments to make and, crucially, which ones to ditch. Although financial traders have been making such decisions for a long time, DARA provides the edge that makes a real difference. The developers plan to showcase just how effective their bot is for traders and investors at the event which will see DARA interacting with real people making the sorts of financial decisions that are made every day. 

DARA's CEO, Ivo Luhse, has 13 years experience in trading in the financial markets and five years of experience developing trading bots for the sector. He said: 

Humans are awesome, our brains are like a super-computer that can deal with unexpected and complex problems. But we have a poor memory, we can’t multi-task and we’re slow at processing large amounts of data. This is where computers excel. I believe in the future of humans plus a machine.

The way in which trading bots work is by following predetermined trading rules. In the case of DARA, however, it is the way in which the algorithms behind the system optimise outcomes to each individual investor that make all the difference. Essentially, DARA scans all of the data surrounding the financial markets rapidly – something that no individual trader could do. It then assesses the markets for the best trading opportunities and manages trades on behalf of the individual. The showcase event is designed to demonstrate just how much of an advantage deploying a trading bot that has been built around adding value to professional financial trading can offer. 

What is unique about the Dublin event is that it will show how DARA is different from any other trading advisory systems. Since DARA is an interactive bot that requires the active input of a trader or investor input, the system allows the individual and the bot to build a relationship and to work together as a team. DARA trades using Trend following, Counter-trend, Momentum, Sentiment, Longer-time frame and Shorter-time frame strategies to make its suggestions. Anyone who has harnessed the power of AI in their daily lives from something as simple as auto-suggest algorithms when surfing the web will be able to grasp the potential of multi-tasking in the background to find the best trading opportunities that the investor always retains control of. 

Results from the Humans vs Machines showcase are likely to be exciting and fully demonstrate how trading bots are likely to soon become the norm in the sector. Luhse, who has been heavily involved in developing DARA as well as the Dublin event, went on to add: 

It’s not about recreating the brain. It is about using cutting-edge technology to make our lives better.

The algorithmic trading showcase event will take place on 24th October from 6:30 pm at the Shelbourne Hotel at St Stephens Green. Reserve your free tickets here:

DARA is also showcasing in Web Summit 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal from 5th to 8th November  as a new ALHA start-up in the fintech sector. This is the largest technology event showcasing the latest innovations in new tech on the planet.

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