Author: Shanda Biggs

Have you ever wondering how the tallest buildings in the world were constructed? I know I have! When you see them on mega builders and other TV shows you look at them and think to yourself “Wow, this is truly amazing how this building was constructed.” Some of them are works of art and simply make you feel in awe.

What I am going to dive into in this post is a topic that I hope will improve your confidence in yourself and your trading abilities. It will help you to see the end goal and work through the difficult times.

Lets come back to our building example for a moment. When we look at these mass creations sometimes we forget how what we are looking at actually came into existence. We forget what went on behind the scenes to bring the masterpiece to life. All we see is the finished product.

Sketch out the Vision

The same principle can be applied to trading and success in general. In order to be successful we must first have a vision. We need to see ourselves living the life we want to live and doing the things we want to do. In trading this means that we see ourselves as successful, poised and balanced professionals. When we do this, we take the actions necessary to achieve the desired results that we want.

What this looks like with trading is laying out a plan of action. This keeps you accountable and objective. You follow the plan and nothing else. When you deviate from your plan you are in effect deviating from your goal and the finished product, which would be successful trading.

Sketching out the vision also includes having a trading plan. If you think about the construction of a building it all began after the initial vision was seen and than the architect went to work on the plans. He included every detail that would need to be included in the construction of the building, leaving nothing to chance.

architect-architecture-blueprint-271667 (1).jpg

He knew exactly what every room and every floor would include before even beginning the building process. As traders, before we begin any live trading we need to ensure that we have a plan of action. Everything must be laid out infront of our eyes so when the building process starts, we know how to take action and where our next move lies.

Laying the Groundwork

When you think about these enormous buildings you have to wonder how deep the foundation is to support the structure. When you think about it, would a 10 foot foundation support a 200 foot building? The answer is no.

In order for the building to be sturdy and stand up for many years to come the foundation needs to be at least a quarter of the height of the building. Most of the time spent constructing the building is done on the foundation and ensuring that it is secure to hold the structure in place.

The same applies to trading. You will spend a lot of time learning and growing. Do not let this cause you to become stagnant. Understand that what you are going through is a learning process and that you are putting in the groundwork to be a better trader and that ultimately whatever is happening to you is serving you in some way.

Making mistakes might be the most valuable thing that happens to you. If you can learn from what you did wrong, you will have a better chance of not doing the same thing in the future. Your mistakes can save you loads and loads of money in the markets if you make them early on in your career and learn from them.

This is the toughest part in your trading journey because it can sometimes be difficult to see that you are making progress. You may not see tangible results yet. This is the time more than ever that you need to keep pushing. Understand the process and where you are in your development cycle.

Continue to put in the effort to build a strong foundation. After all, the stronger your foundation, the more room you have to build higher and higher. Small foundation = small results. Big foundation = big results


Seeing the results

Do you ever notice with construction that it seems like nothing is getting done and nothing is getting built and then bang one day the structure is almost built? Well the same principle can be applied to trading. The early years is when you make the most mistakes and have the most lessons. This is only natural, your still learning and trying to make sense of the markets. No one is a master from the get go. It takes hours and hours of dedication to become great at something.

Only after the vision has been formed and the groundwork laid can you reap the rewards of your harvest. There is no such thing as a free lunch, especially in the markets. You must determine your vision and plan the courses of action before you see the results. Trust in the process and see yourself where you want to be. This is how every successful trader has gotten to where they were. They believed in their abilities to become a successful trader and implemented an action plan to get there!

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