Author: Shanda Biggs


Trading has become a phenomenon that many people want to partake in. Dreams of flashy watches and fancy cars has many lured in. Yet most do not realize the long road they need to embark on in order to make their dreams a reality.

Trading the forex markets is not an easy task. Information overload is what occurs for most newbie traders looking to educate themselves. A bombardment of information and education companies makes learning to trade even more difficult. You have to ask yourself, who do I learn from? What type of trading strategies do I actually want to learn? How do I sift through the vast amounts of information available to find what I am truly looking for?

This can make trading seem like a very complex skill to master. And because of this people tend to look for the easy way out… this is were the misuse of trading robots began. Those wanting instant gratification scour the internet for great performing robots in hopes that they can put some money into an account and watch it grow on autopilot.


Trading doesn’t have to be hard. You do not have to struggle. In fact, learning to trade can actually be broken down into a simple skill to learn.

Simplifying your Trading 

 The trading community really does have good intentions. Those who feel like they have mastered their craft want to share all that they know with you. This is why we have developed a revolutionary trading tool to help accelerate your journey and growth as a trader.

You see… you still need to go through the struggles and obstacles in order to become a successful trader. But what if you could have a trading partner beside you every step of the way. Someone alerting you of great potential setups in the market. This could vastly increase your learning curve because if you have someone telling you where the great setups are, you can learn EXACTLY what great setups look like. Mastering great setups is what makes trading a difficult skill to master. Some trades look different then others and it can be difficult to decipher what a “good” trade looks like vs. a “great” trade.

The Solution…

Identifying great trades in the market is a skill that requires fine tuning and hours and hours of chart time. Now what if I told you there is a way for you to be alerted of these great setups without you having to sit at your computer and look for them?

Introducing DARA… a robot advisor that works as your 24/7 trading assistant. DARA scans the markets for great trading setups 24 hours a day 7 days a week like clock work. Only the highest quality setups are identified that comply with a strict set of rules. It then becomes easier for you to execute great trades on a regular basis.

Your trading partner diligently scans multiple markets according to a set of predefined rules and alerts you of these great setups. DARA will inform you of the trade and require your approval before executing or managing the trade. What this does is allows you to leverage the use of a robot telling you when a potential setup exists in the market while you use your own knowledge to make the final decision.

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