By Alexander Vladimirov


Being consistently profitable from the Forex market on a year to year basis is definitely not something that most traders or casual investors can boast about. As is well known, most people lose their money mainly because of two reasons – they don’t have the right trader mindset and they don’t have the necessary trading knowledge.

That’s why we’ve worked long and hard in making our new robot trading system which will show you how to think like a trader and increase your trading knowledge. It goes by the name ‘’DARA’’ - Decision-Aiding-Robo-Advisor.


Robots are great for doing ‘Robot’ things

The problem is with human perception of robots. Robots are great with doing Robot things like multitasking and processing large quantities of data very fast. When implementing a strategy into an automated trading system, we backtest the strategy for a very long period of time before actually releasing it as a product. The goal is for the robot to show consistent profits on a long-term basis. The bots might not always take trades that end up winning, but the problem comes from people not having the right mindset for trading and not actually understanding the robots and what they are supposed to do.

Robots are tools for traders. Only when traders learn how to use this tool and have the right trader’s mindset will they become successful traders. The whole idea of DARA is to use modern technology to teach the trader how to think like a trader and show you different trading strategies. This way you'll get used to taking responsibility for your trading decisions along with how the markets work. This is why our new system allows you to receive a message regarding any trade the robot wants to take, and also allows you to decide whether you want to enter that trade or not, by simply selecting ‘’YES’’ or ‘’NO’’. 


How Can You Grab the Full Potential of the Market?

The market generally has three stages – trend, consolidation, reversal. You want to be able to take advantage of the long-term trends and hold on to the profitable trades. However, during these trends we have pullbacks and reversals. DARA trading system combines all of the above. You will have one strategy dedicated to catching the long trends and one strategy catching the reversals. This way you’ll be able to be sure that you don’t miss out on the great opportunities the market provides us, because you’ll be catching the greater amount of movements.


Overall, DARA incorporates 6 different trading strategies for any market condition. We'll also have a momentum strategy, a short time frame strategy for intraday traders and long time frame strategy for end of the day traders. Interested in Crypto? No worries - we got you covered there as well with our special strategy for Crypto currencies that exploits the strong volatile moves in this new asset class.

It gets even better!

If you are not sure about some trade and whether to choose to enter it or not – no worries! As our member, you will also be a part of a successful trader community in which our trading mentors will be commenting on the trades which DARA suggests for us. This will give you an extra sense of security in your decisions. We will also be providing you with Live trader training webinars to further understand the DARA systems and improve your trading skills.

The best thing about it is that DARA will be much more personal than any other automated system out there as it can adapt to each traders needs and personality. Do you like to be in lot of trades with small risk and be very active trader? - DARA can do that for you. Or do you prefer to be very selective with your trades while taking larger risk per trade? - No problem DARA can do all that for you. With 6 different trading strategies you'll have plenty to choose from. Traders can choose the risk levels, currency pairs and markets they want to trade in.


Sounds Good! How Can I Start?

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