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Why are our robots so successful?

The first thing you need to know is that our robots are not like other robots. Most trading robots have been created using past price action and lagging indicators. Then robots performance is optimized to fit past price action. That’s why you see amazing past performance results on many sites.
What happens when these robots trade live? They go bust!
That’s because these robots are curve-fitted to trade with past price action and fail miserably when they trade with a new unpredictable price action.
In contrast, our robots are not based on past price actions. Rather, they’re based on real-life manual trading systems. We’ve taken three successful real-life trading systems as used by professional traders for many years. And automated them, so everybody can use them.
This is why you can see our robots only make a few trades each week. They scan the markets like pros, looking for the best signals and trading opportunities. Our robots don't use martingale, grid, hedging or high leverage. Instead, they mimic pro traders and risk a small percentage of your account per trade.
It’s like having a professional trader trading your account… except it’s better!

"Real Trading - Real Results"





It is important that we all get the same signals and same trades. Different Forex brokers can have different prices, spreads, time zone settings or high latency. This can lead to false signals and different trades on your account. For this reason we recommend you open Forex trading account with the same brokers we trade. We trade only with strongly regulated and highly reputable Forex brokers. If you want to get the same trades - use the brokers below.

Choose your best broker based on your location

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Recomended Trading account settings

  • Trading platform: MT4
  • Account Type: Standard Forex trading account
  • Leverage: 1:50






Account Type: MT4 Oanda-V20


FOR ALL OTHER TRADERS (ASIC regulated in Australia)

*Pepperstone do not accept clients from Canada or New Zealand 

*Pepperstone do not accept clients from Canada or New Zealand 



Why Are New York Close Charts So Important

Not all forex charts you look at are going to be shown in the same way – this can be extremely detrimental to our trading systems and produce false signals. The majority of the popular and available Forex brokers are not suitable for our trading system or any professional trader who uses price action. 

If you’re a serious trader, you must be sure you have forex charts that open and close in true alignment with the New York trading session.


What Does New York Close Mean?

New York close charts mean that the trading days ends at 4:59p.m. Eastern Time and the new day begins at 5 p.m. Eastern Time. This is when the stock market closes for the day as well. This is when the new daily candle starts and the previous candle ends.

Since New York doesn’t open up until Monday, there are only five candles per week on a daily chart. If you have six candles per week, know right away that it is not a New York close chart. 

Why Do You Need New York Close Charts?

Closing prices are the most important for any market because it’s a reflection of who won the battle between the bulls and bears for the session. Our trading systems closely watch the close prices and take trades only after the candle closes. If you want the same trades as us, you’ll need a broker with New York close charts.

Where Can You Get New York Close Charts?

We work closely with these brokers who offer the correct 5 PM New York close five-day charts.