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Connecting Ordinary People With Extraordinary Automated Trading Strategies



Connecting Ordinary People With Extraordinary Automated Trading Strategies

Automated Trading Is The Wave Of The Future

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Fully automated trading process, monitored by trading experts 24/7


Fully automated trading process, monitored by trading experts 24/7

Easy forex trading

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to trade in the foreign exchange (Forex) market with Evestin Forex trading robots. You don't need any prior trading experience. Trading is done automatically by intelligent trading robots on our secure cloud servers. Our experienced trading experts monitor the robots and servers 24/7. While regular trading system audits mean you always get the peak performance for the current market conditions.


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Forex robot on auto-pilot

While the trading process is fully automated, you're still in full control of your account - you set the risk per trade, and manage the money robots are using and making.

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Meet our robots

Best Forex robots are ones who work in a team

Meet our robots

Best Forex robots are ones who work in a team

Forex portfolio performance

We have built diversified trading portfolio with four unique trading strategies. This means we can spread the risk and the opportunity allowing us to consistently achieve excellent returns in any market phase.

Our trading experts monitor the markets and trading systems every day. Regularly reviewing and adjusting the systems to continuously deliver peak performance.


Satoshi is our group leader. He’s an old and wise Japanese trading robot that trades centuries old Japanese Candlestick patterns. He’s been making money in the Forex market for years, and there’s no sign that he’ll stop anytime soon. Satoshi deals mainly with the Daily chart, splitting his trade orders into 3 parts to attain maximum income from the markets.


Gunner is a hotshot. He is an arrogant trading robot who knows he’s hardly ever wrong. Gunner is the robot that will trade against market trends, but since 80 percent of his trades are correct, nobody will argue with him. Gunner trades from the Weekly chart and only on Mondays. He takes the rest of the week off. 


Fey is our special Robot. She is bright and unique trading robot. She practices astro-trading, the practice relating the movements of celestial bodies to events in financial markets. Astro-trading was made popular by Wall street wizard - W.D.Gann. Fey has taken W.D.Gann trading strategies and automated them with great success.



Cable is our NEW Super robot that exploits liquidity contrasts between the quiet ASIAN trading session and very active EUROPEAN trading session. Cable robot trades on GBP/USD and EUR/USD on 1 min charts. Cable robot is our most active and most profitable trading robot.

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Together, we are an amazing dream team that can face any and all challenges the Forex market will throw at us. By working closely together, we can make money in any market condition - trendy or range bound, rising or falling markets. If one of us falls down, the rest of the team rally to electrify the group and to work together again.
— Satoshi, Team leader


Evestin excellent Performance

Evestin Forex trading robots have delivered excellent trading results since 2011 averaging +3.6% return per month, while never risking more than 2% per trade. We focus on consistency and growth over time. Our robots use strict risk management rules for all trades.

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Customer reviews

What our customers say about our trading robots

Customer reviews

What our customers say about our trading robots

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Start Investing

with Automated Trading Systems

Start Investing

with Automated Trading Systems



*Billed ANNUALLY or $199/mo Billed quarterly


Portfolio of 4 Amazing trading robots

Get all 4 Evestin Forex trading robots Satoshi, Gunner, Fey and Cable working together on your one trading account.

Forex VPS

Evestin VPS included

With secure Evestin Virtual Private Server (VPS) your robots will run 24/7 without the need of your computer been on.


Your trading platform pre-installed

We'll install your brokers MT4 trading platform on our servers ready for the trading process.


Regular updates

Our trading experts monitor the markets and robots every day. Regularly updating the trading robots to keep up with the changing markets. You always will get the most up to date robots for the peak performance.

Evestin Forex team

Premium Support

In our customer support team, we have real traders happy to help other traders.

Evestin Forex all included

Everything set up ready to go

Our team of experts will set up all the robots for you. You just log in, set the risk per trade and hit the Auto-trading button. It is a simple as that.

Monitor your account 24/7

Download MT4 mobile APP and get real time notification any time robots open or close trades.

Account tracking for Evestin Forex

Account Tracking

Add your account to Evestin Forex traders portfolio to track your progress against other traders.

Which Forex brokers do you recommend?

We recommend Forex brokers we trade with ourselves. We trade only with fully regulated and highly trusted Forex brokers. CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR RECOMMENDED BROKERS

How does the 30-day Free Trial work?

You get full unlimited access to our servers and robots. You can go straight to Live trading or test it out on a demo account first if you wish. If you cancel your membership within 30-Days of signing up you will not be charged a thing.

Can I use my existing broker with your robots?

We only recommend using Forex Brokers that we have tested and traded our systems with. Every Forex broker is different, they get different prices, different spreads, different time zone settings, different open/closes of the week, etc. For this reason, there can be different trades between different brokers. If you want to get the same trades use our recommended brokers. If you have an existing Forex broker you would like us to test please contact us

What is the minimum Investment?

$5,000 is the minimum requirement to trade the robots. Anything less than this and the robots might not be able to open all the trades. We recommend having at least $10,000 in your trading account to effectively use the robots. On average our trader's start with $20,000. We also recommend to regularly add funds to your trading account to use compounding and grow your account over time.

How many accounts can I trade with?

Single membership allows you to use our server and robots with 1 MT4 platform and 1 live (or demo) account. We don't restrict trading by account number so you can change your trade account at any time. If your wish to trade on multiple accounts simultaneously you can purchase additional licenses for reduced fee. Please contact us for additional licenses.


What is VPS and why do I need it?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. In simple terms, VPS is a computer that runs your MT4 trading platform and robots. For robots to trade 24/7 you need a powerful computer that runs 24/7 and is always connected to a fast internet. This is where Evestin VPS comes in. Each Evestin Forex member gets access to the Evestin VPS, so your robots can trade 24/7 and you can control your robots from a PC anywhere in the world.

What strategies do robots trade?

Our robots trade multiple trading strategies in a single portfolio. To learn more about trading strategies our robots use DOWNLOAD THIS EBOOK and watch the videos on our Youtube channel.

Where can I see past performance results?

CLICK HERE to request our latest performance results.




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