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Trading robot questions

  • How often do robots trade?

    We average 6 trades per month, and can easily go a full week or two without a trade. It is all depended from the markets. For us, less is definitely more. Our robots only trade the high probability setups on Daily and Weekly charts.

  • I did not get any trades on Gunner this Monday?

    We don't get trades from Gunner every Monday. If there has been a small price movement in the previous week, we will not get any trades from Gunner. We need minimum 200 pip weekly movement + a good strong weekly close (less than 10% wick) for Gunner to open trades. Also if there is a large weekend gap it could be that our TP is hit before we get to enter the trade. If this is the case Gunner will cancel the trade (pending order) and wait for new opportunities next Monday.

  • Gunner is running on EURJPY chart but it opened trade on a different pair, Is this correct?

    Yes, Gunner trades all currency pairs selected in the robot settings, Not just the currency pair on Gunner chart.

  • My Gunner EA BUY orders did not get filled....When the chart shows that it should have filled?

    For BUY LIMIT orders to get filled you need the ASK price to hit your BUY LIMIT entry. By default MT4 only shows BID price on the charts, to get ASK price you need to add spread to BID price

  • Did robots double a trade?

    Satoshi robot and Satoshi FB robot will trade the same signal if there is a high probability False Break pattern thus you will see 2 trades - 1 from Satoshi and 1 from Satoshi FB.

  • How to reset robots back to the original settings?

    If you accidentally changed the robot settings or removed robots from your charts by mistake you can revert back to the original pre-set robot settings by Right-Clicking on the chart, choose TEMPLATES and pick the necessary robot template.

  • Can I trade other time frames with the bots?

    Satoshi must run on Daily charts
    Gunner must run on Weekly charts
    DO NOT CHANGE THE CHART TIME FRAMES! This will result in totally different trades.

  • Can I try other currency pairs?

    DO NOT ADD OTHER CURRENCY PAIRS! This will result in excessive risk on your account due to currency pair correlation. We regularly test all 28 currency pairs and pick only the best performing currency pairs that give us a well-balanced portfolio.

  • How can I know if I have updated to the latest robot version? Can I see the robot version somewhere?

    Right-Click on your robot chart and select EXPERT ADVISORS -> PROPERTIES, in the About tab, you will see the robot version you are running

Forex broker questions

  • Which brokers do you recommend?
  • Can I use my existing trading account with one of your recommended brokers?

    Yes, you can. However, if you have an old history in your trading account we'll not be able to add your trading account to Evestin Forex trader portfolio and give you account performance stats. If you have one account with our recommended brokers it is very easy to open a second account for the purposes of robot trading. It is a good idea to keep a separate account just for robot trading.

  • Can I trade with a diffrenet broker?

    It is not recommended to trade with brokers we have not tested our systems with. Every Forex broker is different, they get different prices, different spreads, different time zone settings, different open/closes of the week, etc. For this reason, there can be different trades between different brokers. If you want to get the same trades use our recommended brokers

  • What leverage do I need?

    Our robots don't use high leverage, please choose standard 1:30 or 1:100 leverage.

  • What trading account type do I need?

    Standard Forex Live trading account is all you need.

  • Can I trade robots with Spread-betting account?

    No, spread-betting accounts are not advisable. Please use Standard Forex Live trading account.

  • What minimum deposit in need to start trading with robots?

    Minimum $5,000 is needed to operate the trading robots but we recommend having a trading capital of at least $10,000 to trade successfully with automation. Adding funds regularly to your trading account while you trade with the robots is a great way to build up your trading capital.

  • Can I trade multiple accounts at the same time?

    Standard Evestin Forex membership allows you to trade with 2 accounts. They can be live or demo. Additional licences can be purchased for a reduced fee. Please contact us to purchase extra account licenses.